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Pro FX Product Reviews

Ever since I decided to take a risk and try Pro FX products I fell in love with them, and I haven't been disappointed yet! These babies are a whole 75ml/2.5oz... MASSIVE! You'll never run out. Here's a bottle. I feel like it looks smaller in my hand than they look in real life, but maybe I'm just used to them! 

Pro FX has 9 products, but I believe only 8 are available in Canada. I've only heard of the 9th on a blog I came across while trying to search for a Pro FX website, sadly, this does not exist :( 
The Pro FX products are: Long Lasting UV Top Coat, Quick Dry Top Coat, Complete 3, Mineral Botanical Strengthener, Protein Enriched Base Coat, Epoxy Bond Base Coat, Fiberized Ridge Filler, Apricot Cuticle Oil, and Quick Dry Drops. This last one I have never seen in stores but I really really want it so if anyone in the USA is willing to get it for me I will graciously pay for it as well as shipping, and even send you some goodies! 

There are 3 amazing things about Pro FX which in fact cover the entire polish. What I mean is that the bottles are huge, the price is great, and the quality of the product is amazing so you are literally (at least in my opinion) getting a PERFECT product! I've already told you the bottles are 75ml/2.5oz, so let me just tell you how much they are and I'm sure you will all be jumping up to go grab them asap! Drumroll please... Pro FX products are ONLY $5!!! Based on price to volume, you won't find another product with this amazing value. On top of great value, the products do exactly what they are meant to do and they give long lasting results. Like I said, this is the perfect product! Let me put this into perspective... a 15ml bottle of seche vite top coat sells for around $10 USD, meaning a price of $66.67/100ml. Pro FX 75ml bottles sell for $5 USD, meaning a price of $6.67/100ml... Pro FX is a TENTH of the price of Seche and I've actually heard of some ladies who prefer Pro FX over Seche! 

*** The only downside to Pro FX is they aren't big 3 free :( Sorry to the ladies who don't use products that aren't, or who are allergic! 

Long Lasting UV Top Coat 
This is the last Pro FX I added to complete my collection. Initially I would have bought this one first but then I saw Complete 3 so I figured I would just get that since it's an all in one - more on that in a bit. I heard excellent reviews about the top coat before I finally got to use it, so you can imagine how excited I was to use it with epoxy bond... the result would be a mani lasting longer than 2 weeks! There's nothing else to really say, this top coat is wonderful, quality top coat, and a top coat is perhaps the most important part of a mani. 

Quick Dry Top Coat 
Like the name suggests, this top coat dries really fast! I didn't time it or anything but it is significantly faster than any normal top coat. The thing is though, after a few uses this one gets thicker, as is the case with most quick dries. I find this top coat doesn't smear designs underneath as much so I'll use a coat of this, then put my UV top coat on. I do typically like to do a couple top coats, I just find it seals the mani in better, makes for a smoother finish, and makes it extra shiny! I also use it when I'm in a rush because if the polish underneath is still a bit tacky, I can put this on, cure it for 2 minutes in my UV lamp and I'm good to go. 

Complete 3 
This is the first Pro FX product I ever purchased! It was great for me at the time because I could use the same product as a top coat, base coat, and strengthener. Although this polish isn't exclusively a strengthener, I did notice a difference in the strength of my nails after one use. My mom also owns this because I recommended it for her and she loves it! 

Mineral Botanical Strengthener 
Other than my Sally Hansen strengtheners, this is my only other strengthener. As the name suggests, it's got minerals, and botanical just means that it's natural and comes from plants so it's not like this is going to hurt your nails at all. Trust me, this strengthener is amazing. Again, my mom bought it after I recommended it to her and she's very happy with it because being a mom her hands are constantly in water and she just has really weak nails. This helps her and she loves her now strong nails. 

Protein Enriched Base Coat 
Half the reason I bought this was to complete my Pro FX collection. I obviously knew I would use it but I wasn't 100% sure what exactly it would do for me. Its full name is Protein Enriched Base Coat & Revitalizer. Pretty much, it's similar to a strengthener so it's for sort of weak nails that need a little bit more protein. Strengthener is for weak, thin nails. Protein is for nails that are prone to actual breaking or splitting. The first time I used this I instantly loved it. My nails were a tad yellow from having so much polish on, so when I took my mani off after having used this base coat, almost all the yellow was gone! I noticed a significant difference and I rotate between this, strengthener, and my epoxy bond for base coats and the result is unbelievable. My natural nails are beautiful. Yes, they're a bit brittle and prone to splitting, but that aside, they're not weak or yellow at all! This protein enriched base coat will make your nails healthier. 

Epoxy Bond Base Coat 
I came across this beauty of a base coat when searching for Pro FX reviews. At the time I only had complete 3 and strengthener so I wanted to know what other people thought of it. So many girls were going on and on about how amazing this was and how their manicure lasted forever! So I got it as soon as I could and I gave it a try right away! I left my polish on for a week with this base coat and there was very minimal chipping - only because of washing dishes all the time. 
Here's a picture from my Instagram. These are my nails after a week of heavy wear. All you ladies who regularly wash dishes you know what the water does to our handsi and nails! 
 I use this on my friends a lot, and if they don't get their polish changed this base coat EASILY makes a mani last two weeks! If you're looking for extremely long lasting manis, I suggest epoxy bond and the uv top coat, I promise you'll see amazing results! 

Fiberized Ridge Filler 
Like the protein enriched base coat, I pretty much only bought this to complete my Pro FX collection. I don't have big ridges, at least not big enough that a base coat + 2 coats of polish + 1-2 top coats won't cover so I didn't think I would actually be using this. I wanted to test it out one day so I put the protein base coat on, and this overtop because I had some craters in my nails from splitting. Let me tell you, this works wonderfully! Even if you don't have ridges I recommend this because it just makes your nail so much smoother to paint on. The only downside is it takes a while to dry, but it's totally worth it. If you're like me and your nails split a lot, just put a little bit thicker of a blob where the "crater" is and wait for it to completely dry and your nail will be smooth to perfection :) I find my toes have big ridges so I love using this on them because it covers all imperfections! 

Apricot Cuticle Oil 
This isn't the first cuticle oil I've used and it's not my favourite but I wanted to try it out and again, I got it to complete my collection. My favourite cuticle oil is Sally Hansen's Vitamin E cuticle oil. The reason I prefer that over the apricot is because it's vitamin e. My cuticles are constantly dry and it seems the only thing that can keep them moisturized and soft is vitamin e. I use the apricot cuticle oil on my friends and they love it! Like all Pro FX products it's a great value for a great price so I can't complain too much and when it's summer again I'll be using this as I won't need to moisturize as much. 

Here is my whole Pro FX army! They're lined up like this in my Helmer and I love seeing them all when I go to paint my nails! When I show people they ask what they are because I guess so many oversized bottles looks a little intimidating!

I recommend these products to anyone and everyone because they've given me such amazing results. For top coats, I still do want to try Seche Vite but I'm in no rush because I'm completely satisfied with the top coats I have. I haven't used my OPI top coat since I got Complete 3 about 8 months ago (Maybe I should!) As far as base coats go, I will never go back to anything else! I love the strengthener, protein base coat, and epoxy bond. I also like the ridge filler as a substitute to Orly's nail rescue and who could live without some cuticle oil in a massive bottle like that! This whole set only costed $40+tax and as a broke university student I really do love finding products that have a great value with reasonable prices!


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    1. I just checked the ingredients listed on the labels, none of them contain dibutyl phthalate, toulene or formaldehyde, however some contain formaldehyde resin which is common in a lot of polish brands. So, it appears they actually are 3 free! Here's a link you might find interesting:

  2. I agree with the majority of the points in this article and it’s great without any doubt. Really a wonderful post! I like it very much. Here I find everything in details. I hope I will see this type of post again in your blog.

  3. They have the nail repair in Canada too you can find it at Wal-Mart

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  5. I have been using Sally Hanson product buying a nail hardner.and nail growth treatment because my nails are weak. I pay around $10 Canadian for 1 bottle and 13 ml.
    I go to Walmart and they don't have the Sally Hanson nail growth. .. I start looking around and saw this PRO FX. There was no price but when I saw the 4 in 1 I thought what the heck. $4.97 for 75 ml... that equivalent 5 bottles of Sally Hanson. I just saved big time!! So far so good! ! Loving it! I need to find more!

  6. I have been using Sally Hanson product buying a nail hardner.and nail growth treatment because my nails are weak. I pay around $10 Canadian for 1 bottle and 13 ml.
    I go to Walmart and they don't have the Sally Hanson nail growth. .. I start looking around and saw this PRO FX. There was no price but when I saw the 4 in 1 I thought what the heck. $4.97 for 75 ml... that equivalent 5 bottles of Sally Hanson. I just saved big time!! So far so good! ! Loving it! I need to find more!

  7. have you tried their sticky base coat? I can't find a review for it anywhere!

  8. have you tried their sticky base coat? I can't find a review for it anywhere!

  9. Hi, thank you for your review of pro-fx. I am from the US and live in Florida. I recently was at my local Walmart and saw a display of pro-fx nail concealer. I was looking for something like Zoya naked nail manicure. Do you know anything about the concealer? Also you wrote something about not being able to get one of the products in Canada. Did you ever get someone to send it to you? If not which one is it? Thank you for reviewing these products. I am always on the look out for polish for my finger nails that will last. I work in the health field and wash my hands many times a day so my nail polish doesn't last more than a day. Also I have trouble with a lot of times when I put polish on my finger nails it dries and has air bubbles in it. So i usually only paint my toe nails. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

  10. Do you need a uv light for the nail polishes